The treehouse you always wanted

Assemble it yourself.

At Corowai we design and manufacture DIY structures to install up a tree and enjoy nature.

Made off from wood, they are intended to enjoy the trees, look at the flowers, breathe in clean air and do some bird watching. To unwind, to play, to think, to read, to teach, to grow.

  • Self-assembled DIY treehouses. Anyone can put them together. 
  • Certified and 100% safe.
  • They measure 4.80 square metres, with room for 4 people.

Building treehouses – part of a dream

Corowai is Jorge Fernández de Mendiola’s dream.

From a young age he spent his summers climbing up and down trees and building shelters here and there with a group of friends in his grandparents’ village.

One day a good friend ask him to help build a treehouse in a beautiful walnut tree, and on returning home once it was finished he thought: How could I make it possible for anyone to have their own treehouse?

Corowai is the answer.

At Corowai there are three things that matter: trees, nature and people. Here is our team.

Jorge Fernández de Mendiola

Jorge Fernández de Mendiola

CEO & Founder

Passionate about trees and treehouses, he founded and named the project.

Luis Yañez

Luis Yañez

Production Director

Dedicated cyclist, lover of wood and a job well done, he devises the more intricate details.

Diego Peña

Diego Peña

Commercial Director

Easy-going, chatty, affable and committed, he provides the “oomph” when it’s needed.

Miguel de Andrés Frías

Miguel de Andrés

Marketing and Communication Director

A fan of marketing and good ideas, he always has some brilliant invention up his sleeve.

Foto de tribu Korowai

The tribe

The Korowai are an indigenous tribe of New Guinea. Their houses are their hallmark: built in the treetops in the middle of the jungle to protect them from flooding, mosquitoes and the smoke from their cooking fires. Neighbours help one another out, and all take part in building each family’s home.

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