montaje de cabañas para árboles

1. Choose a tree

Choose a tree in good health and of the right height, diameter and inclination. If you are unsure, read the information at this link or contact us.

2. Order your Corowai treehouse

You can order via our website or by phone. You will receive your packaged treehouse at the chosen destination in around 45 days.

The dimensions of the packaged treehouses are 2.40m long x 80 cm wide, with the weight depending on the selected model:

  • Etxola: 380 kg
  • Begira: 240 kg
  • Oinarri: 120 kg

3. Set to work

The package contains all the parts required to assemble the treehouse. It also includes detailed assembly instructions and the required tools. Additional instructions are likewise available via our YouTube channel, and if you have any queries, you can phone our customer helpline.

Assembly takes around 12 hours (Etxola), 10 hours (Begira) or 8 hours (Oinarri) and will need at least two people.

montaje de cabañas para árboles Corowai
montaje de cabañas para árboles

4. Enjoy

Once your treehouse is assembled you can start enjoying it. We would be delighted if you posted a photo to Instagram or Facebook and tagged us 😉

Corowai treehouses require basic maintenance. A straightforward manual explaining the steps to follow is included with your order.


  • All the materials used for our structures hold European certification.
  • Pinewood from Soria, from responsible forestry with FSC certification and C22 strength rating, compliant with regulation EN 14081-1:2005+A1:2011, on “strength-graded structural timber with rectangular cross section”.
  • Mineral-based autoclave treatment for outdoor use.
  • Bolts and fixings compliant with standards EN 12512 / EN 13501-1 EN 1995-1-1:2008 / EN 14592 and free of hexavalent chromium.

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