Etxola Treehouse

Fun in the treetops

The treehouse you always dream of having

Perfect for a house with a garden or in the countryside. And if you have a campsite, Etxola is the ideal way to offer your guests unique accommodation.

With room for up to four people, you can use it to play, rest, spend the night in the treetops, and enjoy your chosen hobby: photo safaris, hunting…

Do you dare to dream?

Interior de caseta de madera Corowai

The Etxola model is shaped like a house

You enter through a little hatch in the floor, by climbing up a ladder.

Once you are up there, you have three windows to look out of, or can sit with your feet hanging over one side, which opens completely with two hinged doors (fitted with an adjustable safety rail).

The pitched roof is transparent, so you can be in harmony with the branches of the tree, and even see the stars.


Exterior: 2.20m long and 2.20m wide.

Interior: 2.10m long and 2.10m wide

The standing room inside at the highest point is also 1.90m.

Bear in mind that the space that the tree takes up inside your treehouse will depend on the thickness of the trunk.

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